through heaven's eyes

a single thread in a tapestry through its color brightly shine
can never see its purpose in the pattern of the grand design

and the stone that sits on the very top of the mountain's mighty face
does it think it's more important than the stones that form the base?

so how can you see what your life is worth or where your value lies?
you can never see through the eyes of man
you must look at your life through heaven's eyes

a lake of gold in the desert sand is less than a cool fresh spring
and to one lost sheep, a shepherd boy is greater than the richest king
if a man lose everything he owns, has he truly lost his worth?
or is it the beginning of a new and brighter birth?

so how do you measure the worth of a man; in wealth or strength or size?
in how much he gained or how much he gave?
the answer will come to him who tries to look at his life through heaven's eyes

*from the prince of egypt soundtrack*

try as we may, we still can't run from the people's opinions on us. what they think about us does matter but its dismal when compared to what Allah think of us. all that matters to me now is Allah. nothing else comes close in trying to make Him pleased with me.

simple messages

when i woke up this morning i asked myself: what are some of the secrets of success in life? i found the answer right there in my very room.

the fan said - be cool.

the roof said - aim high.

the window said - see the world.

the clock said - every minute is precious.

the mirror said - reflect before you act.

the door said - push hard for your goals.

and let's not forget, the carpet said - remember to kneel down & pray.

*credit unknown

call my name

i used to hate people calling me by my full name because my mum and dad used to call me that whenever he or she is in the full nagging-mode.

"farah nur, did you do the laundry i told you 1 hour ago?" asked dad.

"FARAH NUR, why are you not awake yet!" hollered mom.

"farah nur, have you seen this or that? you didn't misplace it again, did you?" asked dad.

"FARAH NUR, why aren't you studying!" demanded mom.

yup, definitely hate that special tone in their voice. how come whenever i use them on my brothers they never seem to work? it's supposed to intimidate them into doing their chores but they usually rebel back. haha. there were also friends of mine who pronounce my name from just farah nur to farahnor, with special emphasize on the nor. what the heck?! :P

well, that was then. now, i like signing off with farahnur.

toodles. :)


"farahnor, farahnor. why not farah yes?" my ustazah once ask.


anything but that, PLEASE! (>_<)


with only 20 days from flying back to home sweet home, my passport decided to pull a stunt on me. it went MIA and vanish without a trace at most presumably 2 weeks ago. and i just realized it this morning. pathetic, right? *tsk*

a concerned friend of mine told me to get the emergency certificate (EC) from the malaysian embassy by paying LE50, a process which takes at least 2 weeks. after that, i was to apply for a foreign visa which will then cause me another LE200. but before i can do any of the steps above, first, i have to report this incident to the egyptian police for security purposes. all this must be done within 14 days (minus the exam days).

oh, great.
do note the sarcastic tone.

despite the predicament i'm in, i was optimistic. i performed my prayer and went to work. i moved my heavy bed from beside the wall and check in between the cracks because, well, maybe the passport fell under the bed after i looked at it the 2 weeks from before. i removed all my clothes from the closet and check under every single piece of clothing because, well, maybe i might have shoved it inside the cloth while changing clothes. i took my books out from the book rack and check in between pages because, well, maybe i might have slipped it in as a bookmark or something.

after searching high and low for that sneaky little red book for 6 hours, guess where i found it? just guess.

you got that right. when everything else fails, always remember to check at the opposite end of the bed because it might get stuck there and therefore not exactly located UNDER your bed. just suspended midair. besides, looking for lost things under the bed is so overrated. duhh. (=_=)

so We answered his prayer and saved him from distress. and thus, We do save the believers (who believe in the Oneness of Allah, abstain from evil and work for righteousness) [21:88]

alhamdulillah. You taught me well :)


tangan terasa gatal nak menulis
geram tengok belog orang lain asyik berhapdet
aku punye bile lagi?

idea datang mencurah-curah ke ladang gandum
malangnya, terasa kekok pulak untuk berbicara
tentang aku, engkau dan Dia
nak terjemahkan sesuatu dari hati kepada tulisan itu
sememangnya bukan perkara yang mudah
dan tidak boleh diambil mudah

nanti aku revamp balik belog ini
bila tiba di malaysia nanti
anjakan daripada diari hati kepada tazkirah hari-hari
amacam? cool enggak? :D